Project – Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship Program

Be Kids is currently sponsoring 16 students in secondary school. Fourteen of these students attend Our Lady of Fatima secondary school. After the Form One results are assessed, we anticipate this number to grow to 20. The students are performing impressively apart from two, who scored below-average results and had to be replaced for personal reasons. Be Kids secured a position for Issa Bukura to study at Our Lady of Fatima, after he had missed school for a month due to tribal conflict in his Nairobi school. Be Kids arranged for Mahul Shah to guide the students in making the best career choices. He works closely with international universities and especially UWA in linking up Kenyan students with tertiary institutions. Many students are inclined towards traditional careers in medicine, law and engineering. Unfortunately, they are inclined to overlook opportunities in other fields such as agriculture and mining.